The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

notre dame cathedral in paris

Notre Dame Cathedral

Being one of the most imposing and oldest cathedrals in France, the Notre Dame Cathedral construction begun in the 12th century and was finally finished three hundred years later. Having largely a French Gothic architecture, but also powered by the times during the construction (Naturalism, Renaissance); it has special and stunning beauty through its painting, strength, and architecture, considering it survived over so many years.
French Revolution time, the Cathedral of Notre Dame faced lots of damages, but it was saved by a professional engineer and kept its status. Having powerful beauty, symmetrical, this must-see of Paris has witnessed a lot of vital ceremonies for Christianity and nation’s history. Because of that, people from all over the globe, no matter what trusts they have, come to visit it and are surprised by its grace.

There is most popular story of the peasant girl in the France history books who was extremely brave and claimed that she had visions from God. This poor girl has character richness and spiritual even though she had no material goods. By being brave, she supports France in the wars against the UK army. While using the big military techniques of Joan of Arc, the famous heroine, French Nation won lots of wars against UK. She also was a big supporter of the monarchy; she is the factor why Charles VII was crowded. Anyway, Joan of Arc was confined by the Burundians, blamed of heresy and burned at the stake. But this was not the brave girl end. On the July 7, 1456, Joan of ARC was declared martyr and innocent. In 1909 she was amazed in the popular Notre Dame Cathedral in France by Pope Pius X.

Despite of the memories of a national heroine, the Cathedral of Notre Dame has a top treasury consisting of furniture, painting, and other valuable pieces with Neo-Gothic shape. For a little amount of finance, visitors can view these items of the Church and attending the Masses. 5 times per day there are Masses held and many Christians join them.

Another perfect thing about the Notre Dame Cathedral is the surrounding important Parisian Hotels which you can see a complete view of the charming cathedral.

Every popular building has a story, a hero hidden in it, which entertains people. And in the case of the Notre Dame Cathedral, it is the hunchback story which was the inspiration for cartoons and movies (famous as “The Hunchback of the Notre Dame.” Anyway, the most vital factor that leads to the global fame of the Cathedral is its Gothic architecture France, an example of architecture excellence to its previous state.

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