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Musee de Cluny

The Musée de Cluny is known for its amazing collection of medieval art which displayed only one of its setting, part Gallo-Roman ruins and part medieval mansion. Musée de Cluny is officially identified as Musée National du Moyen Âge (National Museum of the Middle Ages), is a museum located in Paris, France.


It is situated by the 5th arrondissement at 6 Place Paul Painlevé, south of the Boulevard Saint-Germain, between the Boulevard Saint-Michel and the Rue Saint-Jacques.


Amongst the main works found at the museum are the six La Dame à la Licorne (The Lady and the Unicorn) tapestries, originally from the late 15th century and is often thought to be one of the best work of art during the Middle Ages in Europe.


The Cluny Museum of Medieval Artifacts was constructed in an area of ancient Roman thermal bath. Sadly, the baths were destructed during the 3rd century, when Barbarians invaded the place. The Cluny Benedictines bought the area to build a mansion in 1330. Jacques d'Amboise constructed the building that still stands there between the years 1485 to 1489. In the 19th century, after it was a bit damaged by the Revolution, the building became a museum. It is amongst the few remaining remnants of the Middle Ages which are still in Paris. The Cluny museum features plenty of important artworks from the Middle Ages.